I need a lawyer who is willing to take on what would be a very
controversial and possibly high profile case. 

I am not looking for easy money. This has been
 anything but easy for me. I just want my past and
 future medical bills for mental illness to be covered.
 And more importantly I want to send a message.
I have borderline personality disorder and major
 depressive disorder. Borderline personality disorder
 in particular is widely believed to be triggered by
 childhood trauma. The same is often true for
 depression. I can say truthfully that the only
 childhood trauma I ever endured was being spanked by
 my parents. I can also say truthfully that the
 spankings were the direct cause of my depression, and
 suicidal ideations which started at the age of ten. 
My parents never intended to do harm to me. They never
 would have intentionally done anything to cause me
 such suffering. They followed Dobson's book, "Dare to
 Discipline" almost exactly to the letter. They were
 led to believe that his methods were not only
 harmless, but the only godly way to discipline a
 child. They believed that as a doctor he would not
 recommend parenting techniques that could cause
 permanent harm to a child. 

I first recognized that I was depressed at the age of
 8 after seeing a segment about depression on the news.
 By the age of 10 I was frequently having suicidal
 fantasies. I just didn't want to be hit anymore. I
 have never forgotten the utter humiliation I felt in
 having to submit to my body being violated by the
 people I should have been able to trust most. I felt I
 could not trust my parents if they were willing to
 hurt me with no remorse, so I never told them. I never
 told any of my teachers because I knew they would tell
 my parents. 
By the time I was 18 and moved out of my parents' home
 the mental illness was in full progression. I went
 into violent rages at the slightest provocation, and
 cried for hours for no real reason. I was bulimic. I
 cut myself. I abused drugs and alcohol. I engaged in
 risky sex. I hated myself. And I didn't know why I did
 these things. 
I started seeing a therapist at 18, started taking
 medications at 19. I have been hospitalized twice. It
 has been a very hard road to recovery, and one that
 will likely never end, though I have been able to
 control most of the behaviors with medication that
 costs 300$ a month. I used to take a less expensive
 med that worked better, but it raised my blood
 pressure and my doctor wouldn't prescribe it any more.
 I also have to take medication to get to sleep at
I see a therapist twice a month, and a psychologist
 once a month for medication management. When things
 are bad I see the therapist as often as once a week.
 My medical bills are very high. I am unable to pursue
 self employment as I would like to because I would not
 be able to get approved for private insurance
 coverage, and even if I could the costs would be
 astronomical. I have missed tons of work due to the
 mental illness. 
I don't know if I would even have a chance at a case
 against Dobson, but he can't continue to destroy
 people's lives with no repurcussion. I have to do
 whatever I can.