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The Current Youth Violence...

by Nadine Block

"How Kids Are Doing:  The Mismatch Between Public Perception and Statistical Reality" by Lina Guzman, Laura Lippman, Kristin Anderson Moore, and William O'Hare, a July, 2003 Child Trends Research disputes the often-presented "kids are bad, beat them more" argument.

From the study:  "Sixty-six percent of adults believe that the percentage of teens who commit violent crimes has increased over the past ten years and another 25 percent believe that it has remained the same, while only five percent believe that it has decreased."

"In fact, government statistics show that the violent crime rate among teens has reached its lowest recorded level in more than 25 years; between 1990 and 2000, the juvenile crime rate declined by 56 percent."

Nadine Block is Co-Chair of EPOCH-USA, part of the Center for Effective Discipline.

See also "The Decline of Rape" by researcher Mike Males

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