Parenting in Jesus' Footsteps

Articles on Corporal Punishment

School Shootings From Anti-Depressants, Not Lack of Spanking
Letter to the Editor, Ottawa Citizen
by Elaine Njerve-Zack
Josef Fritzl - Spanking Makes a "Cellar Monster"
by Susan Lawrence
Spanking Kids Increases Risk of Sexual Problems as Adults - Murray Straus
NORWAY: Church supports Bible rethink on corporal punishment - CRINMAIL 950
Expert: ban child spanking
by Karen Dandurant
Hitting is never OK
by John E. B. Myers
Preventing Child Abuse is a Christian Responsibility
by Edwin H. Peart
I Don't Believe That This Was God's Will by M.C.
Non-abusive "Loving Spankings" Messed Me Up for Life
by Carol
Dobson Should be Sued...Anonymous
Christianity and Spanking
by  Edyta
Religious Tolerance Speaks Out Against "Hot-Saucing"
Not to Me -
What a Boy Remembers...Anonymous
We Weren't Unbeatable - An Open Letter to a Disciplinarian -  by Spike Brockford
Divine Scourging by Joan Vasquez
Rod Inspired Wisdom
  by Adah Maurer, Ph.D.
What Does the Bible Say?  by Rev. Dr. Thomas E. Sagendorf
Spare Us the "Spare the Rod" by Dahlia Lithwick
Every Smack is a Humiliation
by Alice Miller
Why Kids Kill Parents by Kathleen Heide
Demystifying the Defenses of Corporal Punishment by Dr. Murray Straus
Instructions for Dehumanization -or- When Do We Protect Innocent Lives? by Barbara Rogers
The Sexual Dangers of Spanking Children  by Tom Johnson
It Shouldn't Hurt to be a Child  by Jan Hunt, M.Sc.
To Spank or Not to Spank?  by Elizabeth Pantley
Resolution of the United Methodist Church
Fundamentalist Convicted for Flogging Son  by Susan Herendeen
Letter to an Expectant Father  by Norm Lee
Christianity ~ A Living, Growing Faith  by Father Alan Sprenger
I Remember Being Spanked  by Susan Lawrence
Hitting Is Not Patient by Susan Lawrence
In Praise of Spanking by Susan Lawrence
Letter to "Proverbs Hitters" by Stephen and Susan Lawrence
The Swedish Example ~ A Model For Reform  by Al Crowell
Why I Am No Longer a Spanking Parent  by Joan Sewell
The Current Youth Violence...  by Nadine Block
The Influence of Corporal Punishment on Crime by Adah Maurer, Ph.D. and James S. Wallerstein
Dobson Opens New Doors for Children!
Review of Dobson's "Temper Your Child's Tantrums" by Elaine Njerve-Zack
Spanking Can Be Sexual Abuse - collection of articles
Flogging for God: Violence Toward Children Under the Guise of Religion - collection of articles

Research on Corporal Punishment

Alternatives to Punishment

Ten Alternatives to Punishment   by Jan Hunt, M.Sc.
Twenty Alternatives to Punishment  by Aletha Solter, Ph.D.

Empathy for Children

The Importance of Empathic Parenting   by Jan Hunt, M.Sc.
Hidden Messages: What Our Words and Actions are Really Telling Our Children (an excerpt)  by Elizabeth Pantley

Interview on Radio France International