Parenting in Jesus' Footsteps

I Remember Being Spanked

By Susan Lawrence 

My mother didn't believe in spanking.  But caring for three young children was stressful for her, and one day she "lost it."  I was so angry and frightened after she spanked me that I ran to my room sobbing "I hate you!" and hid under the bed.  My mother followed me, and apologized.

I don't remember what I had done that triggered the spanking.  Not remembering the reason for physical punishment is typical.   Instead, fear and anger are the "lessons" learned, as in my case.

When I became a teenager, I resolved never to hit a child.  I haven't broken my promise.  And I have signed STEP UP* making the commitment to intervene if I see a child being hit.

Decades of research have shown the dangers of hitting children.  Let's protect children, and spank no more.

*Click here to view and sign the STEP UP resolution.

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